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Personalized Love E-book
Personalized Love E-book
Personalized Love E-book
Personalized Love E-book
Personalized Love E-book

Personalized Love E-book

Positive affirmation love poems about self-love, love for life and feeling loved and special will have double effect on your child when using their image and name throughout the book. This personalized book will help your child to build their sense of self—that they are an important part of the world, are unique, and they matter.

Price: $18.99

How to start the process? 
After you make your purchase, please send us the required information stated below through the email

  • Order Confirmation Number:
  • Name of the Child:
  • Last Name of the Child:
  • Name of Person who made Purchase or the Parent/caregiver:
    (Sample: Your aunt, Daisy)
  • Personalized Note, Up to 30 Words:
  • Max 5 Photos of Child, Up to 3MB, Min 2MB:

Once we create the design, we will email you a view only PDF file and ask your approval. If all info on the design is correct, reply back to the email with the Print Approve statement below:

“I am #Name - Last name. I approve the PDF file attached for printing for ORDER ID: XXXX. With this approval, I accept that all the information is correct and I am fully responsible for any mistakes that I did not address.”

If there is any technical problem with the ebook files we are fully responsible to correct the files for FREE.

How do revisions work?

If you see any written mistakes or misspellings of the names and personalized note, reply back with your corrections and we will make those for free. If you want to change photos or the personalized note we will charge $5 for one image and/or one personalize note and $10 up to 3 images (for e-books) and one personalized note. We can not make any change once the PDF file is sent to the printer.

If there are any mistakes after approval and the PDF hasn’t been sent to the printer, corrections can be made for an extra fee. If the PDF has already been sent to the printer, you will need to re-order the personalized book from start. You will receive your book as approved.

  • Paperback: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Life IS Publishing
  • Publishing Date: December 1, 2017
  • Language: English
  • Age Range: 0-5 Years
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Author: Arzu Tunca
  • Editor: Rebecca Freeman
  • Illustrator: Ying Hui Tan

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”
– Maria Montessori

Our own name is a powerful symbol of our uniqueness and our place in the world. This begins very early. Within just a few months of life, a baby responds to his or her name, long before they can even speak. Connecting your child’s name to a special book when they are a toddler and preschooler makes them feel important and special.

The poems integrate the child’s name and photo throughout the book. Using their image and name builds their sense of self—that they are an important part of the world, are unique, and they matter.

Hearing their name and seeing their photo in relation to the affirmations helps them relate much more directly to what the poems are sharing and promising. And did you know that babies and toddlers learn language through association with their names?

With Serenade for My Baby books you are not only creating the feeling of love, security, and worthiness, you will also be shaping the executive functioning centers in your child’s brain for focus and attention and building language and vocabulary. This will prepare your child for better learning in school, and success in life.


For personalized items, printing starts after the final PDF approval of the client. This is why we can not promise an exact shipment date. We will need 3 business days to prepare the design. After your approval, it takes 3-4 business days to print the postcards or 2 business days for digital conversion of your personalized product (e-books) and 5-7 business days for the standard delivery of printed products.


All personalized items are FINAL SALE. For personalized printed products, since you approve the final PDF file before print, you are fully responsible for any mistakes that are not addressed.

If there is a printing problem or shipment damage, send an email to with your order ID number and photos of the damage or printing errors and we will send you a new printed product.

For digital products, if you see any mistakes after the final approval and receipt of the e-book files, we can make the first correction for FREE. After the first correction, if you realize another mistake or want to make a change, then you will be charged $5 for each new revision. 

If there is any technical problem with the e-book files we are fully responsible to correct the files for FREE.

    Please contact the publisher by email at to use the books for commercial purposes, bulk purchases and to register interest in becoming an affiliate

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