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FREE Affirmation Postcards
FREE Affirmation Postcards
FREE Affirmation Postcards
FREE Affirmation Postcards

FREE Affirmation Postcards

Total of 10 postcards, one affirmation postcard design from each of Serenade for My Baby books to share our gratitude and thanks for stopping by our shop.

Price: $0.00 $12.95 (Save 100%)
  • Size: 5”x7” landscape
  • 16 pt. Cardstock matte
  • Paper from sustainable sources
  • Ultra thick and stiff cardstock with a non-reflective matte finish for a classic and elegant look 
  • For the back side, ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) and permanent markers work best. We recommend to wait and make it sure the ink dries before putting in it to an envelope.
  • You will receive a total of 10 postcards representing a mix of Love, Self-Confidence, and Peaceful Sleep book affirmations and illustrations. 
  • The postcards you see on the image area are the free mixed postcards you will receive. 

Serenade for My Baby affirmation postcards are an amazing way to remind your loved ones how special and loved they are, that they are worthy of love, and are secured.

You share these positive messages with your friends and family, and they will share them with their children and their own inner child to create a circle of caring, loving and courageous children and adults doing their best to create a peaceful word.

Additionally, these postcards can be an amazing tool to spend quality time with your little ones or with your inner child by writing notes together.

Your free mixed postcards will be added to your first physcial product purchase. If you only want to have free postcards, you will only pay shipping and handling fee calculated at the checkout. 

All postcards are FINAL SALE.
If there is a printing problem or shipment damage, send an email to with your order ID number and photos of the damage or printing errors and we will replace damaged postcards with the new ones.

Please contact the publisher by email at to use the books for commercial purposes, bulk purchases and to register interest in becoming an affiliate

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